We offer a large range of Services. No job is too big or too small. Free bidding on all Common Sense Custom Homes services. We can also offer top of the line referrals for subcontractors as well as full project management services to help you along the way to your construction job.

New Construction Services (log)

Free bidding and consulting on all projects
- Dry in packages​
- Log Unloading
- Stacking
- Framing (interior walls, subfloor, and roof)
- Exterior Door and Window Installation
and Decking Installation
- Log and Timber Trusses

Finish Work Services (Log)

- Staining
- Chinking
- Tongue and groove​
- Interior Doors
- Interior Trim
- Railing
- Wood Flooring

Craftsmanship Services(LOG)

- Fireplace Mantles
- Custom Log and Timber Stairs
- Custom Railing
- Custom hand drawn king posts
- Hand carved archways

General Contractor

If you are looking for a general contractor to customize or construct your dream home, you need look no further than Common Sense Custom Homes, the premier home builder in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. We specialize in the customization of homes, and we can also build a home to your design and specifications. From the time the foundation has been poured and the first wall has been put in place, you can expect nothing short of the very finest in quality craftsmanship.

If you will not be available when the time comes to begin construction, we will certainly keep you well advised as to our progress, and we will send along pictures to show you what is happening. If you will be available, we encourage you to come on-site as often as you can to see your dream home take shape.

You will quickly discover that constructing a home carries with it its own special type of excitement, and you will enjoy witnessing the quality craftsmanship involved in putting a beautiful home together.

You may find the interior work to be especially exciting as the floor plans and the interior trim details begin to take shape. Most of our customers find the interiors of the homes we build are even more beautiful than they ever imagined. We work hard to make that happen.